Broadway, in Downtown Los Angeles boasts twelve historic theater buildings within six blocks.  Yet, despite its rich cultural offerings, it lacks a pedestrian friendly environment.  

Now the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is proposing the Broadway Streetscape Master Plan (BSMP) to reconfigure ten blocks of Broadway between First Street and Eleventh Street.  Its main scope is to create a more complete street system that will balance pedestrian and vehicular traffic options.


The roadway will be reduced from five travel lanes to three. Meanwhile, the entire west-side sidewalk will be extended by eight feet. On both sides of the street, bulb-outs at intersections and mid-block crosswalks will add an additional eight feet. The plan also calls for the installation of street trees and planters designed to filter storm water, plus street furniture, signage, and pedestrian-scale lighting based on historic fixtures.

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